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History of the Company

The word "prior" is based on the Latin "prior", that is "the first of the two, the highest."

Some 20-30 years ago the name of Priorat, a small wine region in Catalonia, talked a little, even very experienced wine lovers. Today it is commonly pronounced almost with a reverent gasp.

The Priorat is an amazing wine region located in the North-East of Spain, in the Autonomous region of Catalonia. The vineyards of Priorat lies on the steep slopes of the hills, located about a half hour drive from the ancient city of Tarragona.

The exceptional nature of local wines was confirmed by the assignment of the Prioryat in 2001, the Supreme wine of the DOQ status — Denominazione d Origen Qualificada (up to this point had a similar status only Rioja). DO it was created back in 1954, but DOQ (or DOC) is "honored" region.

The wine of this region is incredibly powerful and strong;

Its colour is always intense and the bouquet includes a huge number of different notes from a variety of red and black fruit to chocolate and cinnamon, rosemary and thyme to coffee and spices...

Insurance Broker “Priorat” obtained license in 2008, whereas its vigorous activity began in 2011 when the team of active and young persons with experience in the insurance and reinsurance companies came.

Over the years, the Insurance Broker "Priorat" built partnerships with leading Russian and foreign insurance companies, which allows us to offer comprehensive solutions for reinsurance, medical, property, transport and other types of corporate insurance. Major shareholders:  - top managers of the Company.

Date Last Updated Information: 11.06.2023