Insurance for You and Your family


The course of our life is unpredictable and eventually we put questions: what will happen to my family and me tomorrow? How to protect health, home and property in case of unexpected situations? How to minimize losses, if adverse events happened? We will help to reduce your risks and provide confidence in your well-being.


Private persons’ insurance is rather broad concept, including many spheres of financial relations between insureds, insurers and the third parties connected with health and life of people, their property and the third party liability. Insurance divides into several types significantly differed from each other with conditions and object of insurance.


Insurance Broker “Priorat” LLC offers services on the following types of insurance:


• motor vehicle liability insurance (MTPL), including Green Card;

• motor insurance;

• insurance of flats, townhouses, summer cottages and houses;

• insurance of domestic and other property;

• casualty insurance;

• travel insurance;

• life insurance;

• any other type of insurance if requested by the Client.


In the realities of Russian market, where the number of insurance companies is more than 500, there are reliable players providing qualitative insurance services, and also companies having difficulties with payments and not able to incur their liabilities. However, not all the clients have possibility to monitor the activity and financial stability of all the insurance companies and select the optimal insurance product.


We will help you to find the best variant of cooperation with insurance company, as well as the best insurance products meeting all your requirements and allocated budget. We are constantly monitoring the insurance market and coming along with our clients during the whole period of insurance – starting with the moment of your risks identifying and up to loss adjustment.


Insurance Broker “Priorat” LLC will help you to save on choosing optimal coverage and loss adjustment, acting as professional intermediary between your requests and Insurer’s capabilities.



















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